He is risen! He is risen indeed!

From darkness to light:

A second year with only-online services as religious services in Ireland are still forbidden except online ones.

Holy Thursday: On Zoom with Holy Communion

Good Friday: on Youtube in German and on Zoom as Ecumenical Way of the Cross

Easter Sunday: on YouTube the Easter Vigil, the German Service and Children’s Service

Karwoche | Holy Week

Konfi-Camp | Confirmation Class online 

Gottesdienste | Services

only online, as the restrictions are still in place (only 5k movement, no physical services allowed) 

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Gründonnerstag | Holy Thursday

  • 20 Uhr | 8pm on Zoom mit Abendmahl | Holy Communion, bi-lingual. Please have a piece of bread, a glass of wine / juice and a candle ready.

Karfreitag | Good Friday

  • Gottesdienst in deutscher Sprache auf youtube 
  • Ecumenical Way of the cross at 1pm on zoom

Ostersonntag |Easter Sunday

  • Vigil bi-lingual on youtube   
  • Ostergottesdienst auf youtube in Deutscher Sprache 
  • Kindergottesdienst auf youtube
  • Kirchkaffee um 11 Uhr auf Zoom 

Ecumenical Lunchtime Prayer

It’s the beginning of March and we are still in the 5-km-lockdown. Each first Tuesday of a month at 1pm. Lovely to bring St. Finian’s Church to the people and the voice of the people into the abandoned church. I love the reflections of the altar stained glass windows in the screen.

Der Herr ist mein Hirte

Predigtreihe zur Passionszeit über Psalm 23 / Following the words of Psalm 23 through the time of Lent

Seit bald einem Jahr ist uns Verzicht auferlegt: Verzicht auf Teile des Einkommens für viele von uns, Verzicht auf soziale Kontakte und Reisen, Verzicht auf Nähe und Kultur, beschränkter Aktionsradius auf 5km seit nunmehr zwei Monaten. Deswegen soll dieses Jahr in der Passionszeit nicht Verzicht und Leid im Mittelpunkt unserer Gottesdienste stehen, sondern etwas Ermutigendes. Da bietet sich Psalm 23 an. Vertraute Worte, die viele von uns auswendig können. Bis einschließlich Ostern lassen wir uns von diesen alten Worten inspirieren. Mehr zum ersten Vers findet ihr unterhalb des Fotos, das vor ein paar Monaten in den Wicklow Mountains am Turlough Hill entstanden ist.

Der Herr ist mein Hirte: Ein guter Hirte geht hinter seinen Schafen her und überlässt ihnen Freiheit und Kompetenz. Der gute Hirte gibt die grobe Richtung vor und greift nur in Extremfällen ein. Das macht Gott, etwa mit den 10 Geboten oder dem Liebesgebot Jesu. Das Bild vom guten Hirten hat mit Vertrauen zu tun. Interessant ist, dass im Psalm 22 das genaue Gegenteil benannt wird: Mein Gott, mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen, heißt es da. Gottverlassenheit und Vertrauen in Gottes Kraft liegen oft sehr nah beieinander in unserem Leben. Gerade in einer Pandemie kennen viele von uns diese “Achterbahn” des Glaubens. Beides gilt es, wahrzunehmen. Möge Jesu Wort, dass er selbst der gute Hirte ist, der sein Leben lässt für die Schafe, uns ermutigen, immer wieder zurückzufinden zum Gottvertrauen.

On hold

A short message on this rainy Friday, 19th February:

  • The Irish government just announced another 9 weeks of hard lockdown (that means, for instance: flights to the continent nearly impossible, hotel quarantine at your expense if coming from several destinations, still only 5km radius from home, and more fines to come if you breach the law). It’s sad to see the government has no other idea for the people to live with the pandemic. Vaccination centers are announced, but the program hasn’t started yet – only in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • The homepage of our Church has some difficulties – you might have noticed the Sunday service are back in December, and the email info@lutheran-ireland.org isn’t working properly. In case of any difficulties with emails, please use stfinians1960@gmail.com or pastor.lutheranireland@gmail.com instead.

Live is on hold, and for many of us this is really tough. But life isn’t always easy. Don’t loose the hope and the perseverance!

By the way: what a nice coincidence that the Mars robot mission with it’s successful landing (yesterday) is called Perseverance (I found it absolutely fascinating that modern technology is able to manage such a landing)!

Meeting people abroad

There is a longing of traveling and meeting people as there are so many conferences, lectures and even private journeys cancelled since one year.

But this week I was happy about two very interesting meetings on Zoom. This is the good outcome of a pandemic: Technology makes meetings happen.

The first one: On Tuesday 2nd February, I followed the invitation of Kairos Ireland to listen to Dr. Munthar Isaac, Lutheran Pastor at the Christmas Church in Bethlehem/Palestine: He spoke about “Reading the Bible as a Palestinian Christian” with very good biblical insights that have the potential to lead the discussion about Palestine’s future into a shared-land-policy.

The second “journey” brought me to Scotland yesterday, 4th February: It was the first UN International Day of Human Fraternity. Great honor for me: The Lutheran Church in Ireland hosted a talk with Imam Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi from Scotland on behalf of Dublin City Interfaith Forum und Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association:
Uplifting and touching talk with lot of hope. Imam Sayed was one of the four Imams who met Pope Francis in 2017 to build a better relationship between Islam and Christianity.

Christmas as it has never been before

Christmas 2020: The Church doors kept close. The church council decided to cancel all services in the church due to the rising number of COVID-cases. Nearly nobody saw the beautiful Christmas tree and the crib there. So we celebrated only online – two services on 24th and one on 25th December. But it was not only sad. We had a beautiful nativity play, done by several families online. We experienced a new type of cathedrals: Beside the eternal cathedral of God in heaven and the beautiful cathedrals on earth our living rooms became new cathedrals.

The most important message of this Christmas was the angel’s voice:

Do not be afraid!