Abschlussgottesdienst Summer Camp


Passend zum Abschlussgottesdienst des Summer Camp zum Thema Wasser gab es dieses Graffito bei unserer Sonntagsnachmittagswanderung bei Dun Laoghaire zu sehen: “Das erste schwache Geräusch von sanft sich bewegendem Wasser brach die Stille. Tief und sanft und flüsternd.” Ein wuseliger Gottesdienst mit Glas-Musik (Wasser in Gläsern gestimmt) und der von den Kindern gespielten Geschichte der samaritanischen Frau und Jesus am Brunnen (Johannes 4). Schön war’s! DANKE 🙂



Water gives life: look at our cress after five days!


During the Summer Camp we listened to three stories with Jesus and water. The story with Jesus and the Samaritarian woman will be part of the service next sunday.


A lot of games and art today: making pictures with bubbles – having a water fight (nearly all were completely wet) – walking between cups full of water while blindfolded.

A week of laughter and joy, stories and songs, fellowship and sunshine and, yes, lot of water comes to its end. At sunday some of the children and parents will join the service and be involved in it. Now the dream of a new Summer Camp sleeps in all of us, rising up like a bubble, like a prayer.




Summer Camp Day 4

Topic of today:

Swimming on the water and swimming in the water / Was schwimmt auf dem Wasser und im Wasser? 



Jesus went out with the fishermen. They trusted him and made a huge catch. That was the story of our morning circle in the church. And we enjoyed singing “Laudato si, o mio signore.”


Boats are swimming on the water! We learnt to build them and explored that they will sink if there are too many small stones in them.


So many animals in the sea, swimming in the water! We have seen sharks, penguins, sea lions, fish and much more – and we stayed safely in the room, watching a movie about the blue planet, our planet, which is fantastic and miraculous. People should take care for it instead of shooting each other!


Summer Camp Day 3

The morning started with a morning gathering in the church. The baptism font was in the focus of the gathering: Many children know they are baptized in St.Finian’s! Lively water – like God’s lively love to all of us!

EXPLORING THE OCEAN: A day at Sandymount beach! Great miracle: We brought all children with private cars to the beach and back. THANK YOU! 71% of the earth is covered by water! We tasted it: it’s salty.


Spuren im Sand  Tracks in the sand 

The children left footprints in the sand and the discovered the “foot”prints of worms and other tiny animals living in the sand, some have seen crabs. Look, this is a real worm from the beach! The boys digged him out.


We have done a lot of other interesting explorations:

  • Digging a deep hole – and the sand was black and smelled foul. Comes that from rotten seaweed?
  • are shells able to swim? Some of them: yes.
  • the water at the sea shore is cold, but in the paddles it is warm (we had sunshine all the day).
  • you can make games in the sand: dart, nine men’s morris (Mühle), …

Are we lost? Who knows! To be on the safe side of life we filled three bottles with messages, closed them and threw them in the sea. Will somebody give an answer?


Summer Camp Day 2

Today we had two topics:

a) The Well / Der Brunnen 


We listened to the story of Jesus who met a Samaritan women at a well in Samaria. We built a well outside in the pond – living water! No life without water, no life without love which we learn from Jesus. This is his lively water!

b) Water makes music / Wassermusik 


This picture shows the inside of a rainmaker-tube: A paper – roll, filled with wire and rice. If you shake it slowly, it sounds like rain. AND: We made music with water in glasses: They were tuned by a different height of the water level. We played a song with them and YOU will get a taste of this music if you join us THIS SUNDAY in St.Finian’s at 11am 🙂

A colorful day – thanks a million Anna, Maeve, Felix, Anna, Elisabeth, Birgit, Martin, Susanne and Lisa who were the brilliant leading team!

Summer Camp Day 1

Wasser ist das Thema     Water is the topic  


22 August 2016:

First day of the 2016 SummerCamp for Children in St.Finian’s. Our Hymns: “Ins Wasser fällt ein Stein” and “Die güldne Sonne”. We created booklets for the week, listened to the journey of a drop of water (from the sky into the earth and back) and drew water drops.


We learnt a lot about water by physical experiments, had funny games and gathered around a pool, singing the first hymn “Ins Wasser fällt ein Stein…er zieht doch weite Kreise …. so fällt Gottes Liebe in uns” (a stone falls into water and builds circles – God’s love does the same in us).

Some of us were really wet at the evening 🙂


World Conference / Weltkonferenz

Heute geht die Weltkonferenz der Auslandspfarrer und Auslandspfarrerinnen der EKD zu Ende. Fünf Tage Austausch, Diskussion, Lachen, Nachdenklichkeit. Es war sehr gut.

Ein Schwerpunktthema der Konferenz war Migration. Besonders interessant war der Blick auf die Migrationsgeschichte der frühen Christenheit mit all ihren Facetten. Es gab Workshops zu den unterschiedlichsten Themen, Fachberatung der EKD und Andachten aus jeweils einem anderen Land. Die Konferenz weckt Vorfreude auf mein zweites Auslandsjahr: Am 1. September 2015 hatte das erste begonnen.


Auf dem Foto von links nach rechts: Peking/China, Edinburgh/Schottland, Jerusalem/Israel, Melbourne/Australien, Dublin/Irland und Oslo/Norwegen.