Summer Camp Day 2

Today we had two topics:

a) The Well / Der Brunnen 


We listened to the story of Jesus who met a Samaritan women at a well in Samaria. We built a well outside in the pond – living water! No life without water, no life without love which we learn from Jesus. This is his lively water!

b) Water makes music / Wassermusik 


This picture shows the inside of a rainmaker-tube: A paper – roll, filled with wire and rice. If you shake it slowly, it sounds like rain. AND: We made music with water in glasses: They were tuned by a different height of the water level. We played a song with them and YOU will get a taste of this music if you join us THIS SUNDAY in St.Finian’s at 11am 🙂

A colorful day – thanks a million Anna, Maeve, Felix, Anna, Elisabeth, Birgit, Martin, Susanne and Lisa who were the brilliant leading team!

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