Summer Camp Day 3

The morning started with a morning gathering in the church. The baptism font was in the focus of the gathering: Many children know they are baptized in St.Finian’s! Lively water – like God’s lively love to all of us!

EXPLORING THE OCEAN: A day at Sandymount beach! Great miracle: We brought all children with private cars to the beach and back. THANK YOU! 71% of the earth is covered by water! We tasted it: it’s salty.


Spuren im Sand  Tracks in the sand 

The children left footprints in the sand and the discovered the “foot”prints of worms and other tiny animals living in the sand, some have seen crabs. Look, this is a real worm from the beach! The boys digged him out.


We have done a lot of other interesting explorations:

  • Digging a deep hole – and the sand was black and smelled foul. Comes that from rotten seaweed?
  • are shells able to swim? Some of them: yes.
  • the water at the sea shore is cold, but in the paddles it is warm (we had sunshine all the day).
  • you can make games in the sand: dart, nine men’s morris (Mühle), …

Are we lost? Who knows! To be on the safe side of life we filled three bottles with messages, closed them and threw them in the sea. Will somebody give an answer?


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