Candles in the darkness


Yesterday St.Finian’s celebrated St.Martin who shared his coat with a beggar. At minimum 75 Lanterns with 200 folks crowded the Church and Lutherhaus. We had a lantern workshop and a rehearsal of the Martin-role-play, followed by a service with the role-play and the march around the block. Thank to all who have made that happen! (For a church with 900 people scattered over the hole Irish island 200 attending the lantern walk is a lot!).

Today another Lantern was lit during the service in Clencree: German Remembrance Day, commemorating the victims of wars and praying for peace in an ecumenical service, followed by the wreath-laying ceremony and the German Ambassador’s speech. 

Many lights of hope in a difficult time.

Equality for all

p1030391kleinToday the Irish Council of Churches Executive Committee meeting took place in the Shankill area of Belfast. We met people who ere grown up there, and people from churches.

And old lady brought it to a point: It wasn’t the people who left the churches: the churches left the people as they only counted the churchgoers and weren’t interested in their hard daily life. Nowadays some of the churches are successful in youth working, bringing hope in this area. I was reminded of George McLeod, founder of the Iona Community.

A former fighter accompanied us on a tour. He is part of a project changing the murals to more hopeful pictures. It was great there!