Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The liturgy for WPCU this year came from Germany, the Title: “crossing barriers”. I was invited to preach in Lucan, Dalkey and Sligo and in my Church St.Finian’s: In the year of remembering 500 years of Reformation we think about Martin Luther who crossed the barrier of sin between him and God while reading and studying the Bible. He discovered God not as a strict judge but as a loving father, giving us his grace through Jesus.

Reformation in Churches is an ongoing process. In case of ecumenism I suppose it’s God’s will having different Churches in different traditions: The pattern for it is biblical: We have four gospels, not only one. Life is too different that we should have only one point of view on Jesus or only one way being Church. We share God’s Bible and the baptism. Hopefully we get more eucharistic hospitality between churches – it’s Jesus who calls us to his table, not Churches. We should be united in Christ.

Reformation as a process crossing barriers and scaling walls is important in a world with new barriers created. It’s up to us to speak it out loudly that all people are equal and that friendship between countries is better than hate.

I received a great hospitality in the services. All of them were well attended. I’m glad that Martin Sauter, non-stipendary Pastor in my Church, was also invited as a German to preach the Gospel in this week. At the pic below you see me in Dalkey, Sacristy of the Church of the Assumption.


Rev. Bruce Hayes, Rector, St. Patrick’s, Fr. Paddy Devitt, Pastor Stephan Arras, Lutheran Church in Ireland & Fr. Declan Gallagher at the Service of Prayer for Christian Unity

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