Reformation 500 – opening in Trinity College Dublin

Friday, 17 February 2017, 4pm:


Opening of the Reformation 500 Theological Symposium in Trinity College Dublin in the Chapel. The Symposium is prepared by the Lutheran Church in Ireland and a group of Professors from Trinity College. The opening was well attend: In the center you’ll see the Provost of TCD, Prof. Dr. Patrick Prendergast. Fourth from left: Archbishop Dr. Michael Jackson, Church of Ireland. The other people are members of the German Embassy, representatives of Churches, Professors, representatives of the German Embassy and some of the Speakers of the Symposium.


The exact date of the Quincentenary is 17 October. But for 17 to 18 February Dublin is one of the 67 stations in 19 European Countries visited by a mobile installation “Stories on the Road”, coming from Germany. However, the truck couldn’t get into TCD today, so you see a red tent. Great disappointment! But remember Abraham’s tent and the Ark displayed in a tent before the Temple of Salomon was built…

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