Recording the TV Reformation Service


Before Martin Luther was recorded I had to approach the Camera: Recording of my sermon-slot for the Reformation Service on RTÈ 1. The service will be broadcasted on Sunday 29th October 11am. Find it on the website as well, look for rtf player, go to programmes – Categories – Religion. It is available approx one month.

For the recording in Cork Cathedral I received my first make-up 🙂


Visitors from Munich

This week’s Ecumenical Lunchtime Prayer in St.Finian’s (every first Tuesday of a month at 1.05pm) was well attended: A group of 26 Pastors from Munich, Deanery North-East attended the service which was lead by Andrew Doherty, Reverend of the Methodist Church. We shared our lunch and after that we had a conversation about the Lutheran Church in Ireland: For German Pastors it’s unusual having a congregation without church tax and without a hierarchy. I appreciated this afternoon and enjoyed the surprise that one of the Pastors revealed that we shared the same time in the same student’s home in Munich as students of Theology! Thank you, Sebastian and all other Pastors for coming!

Family Bazar in the Lutherhaus

Saturday 30th September: Many Families made their way to the Lutherhaus! Toys, games, clothes for children and children’s books get new owners. The children had time to play in the garden behind the church, the sun did it’s best and the parents had time to chat by coffee, tea and cake. We raised nearly one thousand Euro. Thanks a million to all helpers and supporters!