Reformation@500: Called to be free.

A happy and blessed Pastor is looking back on 31st October 2017:
An evening Service in an overcrowded Church, many ecumenical friends came, Embassies were represented, the Goethe Institut Choir sung, seven people were involved with theses, a jewish song remembered the dark sides of Reformation and the Roman-Catholic Archbishop invited all for a sign of peace. It was a great pleasure celebrating the service with three people who are allowed to do ministry in our church. We all enjoyed the handmade and well organized Reception after the service. Thanks a million to all who were involved!

See some Pictures and see five fruits from this 500 year old tree, put in words!

Five fruits from Reformation, five challenges for our time:

1  The Bible as a centre of Christian Theology: Is God still speaking through stories like the Prodigal Son or the Good Samaritan? These Stories and others formed our society and our way living together. We should listen to them again and bring them into the discussions of our time!

2 Language and education: Martin Luther translated the Bible in the German language because everybody should have an access to God’s word. For that he brought forth education for all, including a good training for Pastors. Faith does not mean to stop thinking! The prevention of radicalism and the friendly co-existence of different religions is based on education!

3 Faith and Politics: Faith should not be hidden in private homes. We are called to raise our voices against racism, injustice, stupidness and for peace and for our world!

4 Churches and Unity: Maybe it’s God’s will having different churches and traditions as we see four gospels instead of one. But Churches should be united in one faith, one Lord, one baptism! We can see all churches as jewels in God’s crown.

5 Fear and Freedom: Martin Luther was afraid of God because God was taught as a strict judge. While reading the Bible Luther rediscovered the justification by faith alone. Most people in the western world aren’t afraid of God. But there are new fears like the fear becoming ill or seeing not enough value in the own life. Understanding our whole life, every day, as a gift from God might led into a new freedom, bound to God’s love.