Water shortage in Dublin (!)

After ice and snow and storm there is a new challenge: A water shortage in Dublin! The fact is: The pipes are in such a bad condition and leaking everywhere, that the authorities have to shut down the water supply during night to save water. Difficult, if you would like to have a shower in the evening or morning!

This is a passage from Irish Time:

Restrictions on water supply will be put in place across the Dublin region and neighbouring counties from 7pm on Monday night until 7am on Tuesday, in order to reduce pressure on reservoirs.

Overnight restrictions on water will likely be in place for a number of weeks, Jerry Grant, managing director of Irish Water, has warned.

Speaking after the latest National Emergency Co-ordination Group (NECG) meeting, Mr Grant said Irish Water would be reducing water pressure from evening time “for the foreseeable future” in Dublin.

The Beast from the East


Well, there is snow in Ireland, for three days or more. Snow combined with storm. Red weather alert which means: Airport closed, public transport closed, schools closed and Lidl sold out and closed… “The Beast from the East” is a special weather phenomenon with cold wind coming from the polar zone. The last time Ireland hat so much snow was in 1982.

Please have a look at the calendar on our webpage and follow our mails and facebook to learn about postponed services and events.

Stay safe and warm and enjoy the beauty of nature, of God’s creation!

P1060468 kleinSt. Finian’s and the snow. Our island in the City.