Abortion in Ireland: End of the 8th Amendment of the constitution

25th May 2018: More than 66% voted to repeal the 8th Amendment: The strict NO to abortion in Ireland comes to its end. A historic decision was made!

Discussing abortion is not only about politics, it’s about faith as well.

What would Jesus say? The four Gospels tell us that Jesus didn’t work on law. He wasn’t a politician. Instead of that there are many stories where he met people face-to-face, asking them about their need, and healing them in body, mind and spirit. Looking at Jesus  I’m pretty sure he would have looked at each woman in difficult pregnancy situation, asking what is the best for her and the unborn child, without blaming those women who are not able to end pregnancy, even with medical or social indication.

Hopefully Ireland gets a new, wise law which a good sense for leaving women not alone in this difficult situation, but protecting unborn life as well, as the Irish law protects children with great sense.

A German Version of my thoughts, published by Domradio Köln: https://www.domradio.de/node/280447


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