Christmas Tree for St. Finian’s

Christmas Tree for St.Finian’s Church: Bought on Camden Street just down the road. Rosie sold it to me. She has a stand for vegetables all the year at the same place in Camden Street since her youth. Selling Christmas trees is a nice extra income. She was happy that the rain and cold wind stopped now.

Moritz who is with us once a week (as a part of the President’s Challenge for students) helped me bringing the tree to St. Finian’s.


Farewell to Mariesophie


From 15th December 2017 until 28th November Mariesophie Magnusson and her husband Andreas lived in Dublin: Mariesophie worked as assistant pastor with me. It was a really good time having a colleague for one year: The congregation enjoyed her sermons, the Sunday school (children’s Sunday service) was encouraged through her work, the “Deutscher Kaffeemorgen” (German Coffee Morning) got three interesting lectures by her, she represented our church in ecumenical and inter religious bodies, she and her husband were part of many events like the Christmas Bazar, and for me it was refreshing having theological discussions and catching up what’s going on in Theology and Church in Germany.

Being assistant pastor for one year is a fantastic opportunity by Mariesophie’s Church in Germany at the end of all her studies and her time in the seminary. A big Thank You! to her Church, the Evangelische Kirche in Hessen und Nassau” that paid her salary.

On 15th December 2018 she will get ordained in her first “own” parish which is Klingelbach, Katzenelnbogen (close to Limburg, Germany). Loads of blessings and good wishes from us to you!

Give future to St. Finian’s Church – fundraising for the new roof

P1080993 Kopie

Monday, 10th December 2018: Until now we raised 8.710,- Euro which is 10% of the sum we have to raise until a refurbishment of the roof will start. In addition to the funding we expect funds from the EKD (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland).

For further details see, button “Kirchendach St.Finian’s”

Thanks a million to all who donated until now!