Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern!

Lasst euch berühren vom Licht. Ostern ist Hoffnung. Gerade heute, gerade in einer Welt, in der so viel Hass wohnt. Diesmal ist er in Sri Lanka zum Ausdruck gekommen .

Let there be light and hope in your heart. Especially today with this wave of hate in Sri Lanka. Who will be the people of hope and trust, when not us?

Confirmation Camp Day Five: Good Friday

P1090418Heute ging es um den Tod, und das war nicht ganz leicht: Gottesdienst um 11 Uhr in Deutscher Sprache. Eli, Eli, lama asabtani – Mein Gott, mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen. Dieser Satz Jesu stand im Mittelpunkt der Predigt. Im Hebräischen steht für “warum” das Wort “lama” an dieser Stelle. Das bedeutet aber nicht “warum” im Sinne von “was ist die Ursache”, sondern “wozu”. Wörtlich übersetzt müsste es heißen: Mein Gott, mein Gott, wozu hast du mich verlassen! Der Blick ändert sich: Nicht die Ursache (Die Römer, die Pharisäer) sind das, wonach Jesus fragt, sondern der Sinn und der Zweck seines Todes.

Am Nachmittag beschäftigten sich die Konfirmanden insgesamt mit der Frage nach Leben, Tod und was danach kommt.

Briefe, an Jesus geschrieben und dann verbrannt, damit nur er ihren Inhalt kennt, bildeten den Abschluss des Tages.

Confirmation Camp Day Three

Wednesday. Today all 18 where in the morning on time in the Lutherhaus – no delay occurred due to wrong bus stops like yesterday 😉 By the way: Thank you, all families in Dublin which host one or more of the youth from other parts of Ireland!

Main theme today: the Bible. We explored it by having a closer look how it was created. Even a real Bible from 1768 was there! God’s word in human words, that’s the secret of this book. We discovered, that the Bible contains not only history and science and love stories, even songs and cooking recipes are included in it!

Evening Theme: What is “Church”? There is this story about a village where the people are not interested in church any more. So the pastor announced a funeral for the church. Many people attended the building, looking at a coffin in front of the altar. What would be in this coffin?

Pictures show the Bible – Theme.




KonfiCamp Day 2

The second day: God and Creation are the centre of our thoughts. We explored the Trinity. We understood: God tells us both, to rule the world and to protect it. A result of all discussions: in small groups the youth created bad and good worlds.

Evening: a walk to St. Patrick’s Cathedral where we attended the Evensong. It was touching that the choristers sung a French piece of music to commemorate the burnt down Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. In a prayer the staff of the Cathedral and the fire brigades were mentioned. P1090362

St.Finian’s greets Notre Dame de Paris

P1080978St. Finian’s, Dublin

God does not dwell only in churches. But churches are places where people are getting open minded for God’s presence. Stained glass windows and music and the architecture create a stunning place for people to rest and to listen and to be there. Our thoughts and prayers go to Paris where the Cathedral burnt down last night.

St Finian’s goes Classic


St. Finian’s, Dublin, a beautiful music hub: This was a concert with the German Duo Raffaela Gromes and Julian Riem, organized by musicnetwork.ie

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next one – sometimes we host Irish Music (for instance with Enda Reilly) as well.


Dublin Lions Club

New Challenge for Dublin Lions Club (I was member of Lions Odenwald and was transferred to Dublin Lions Club): Recently we started a support for the Holy Family School for the Deaf, Cabra. The principal and one teacher visited a Lions meeting. Impressive, the language of the deaf. I learnt the Irish one is different to the German. (f.l.t.r: Lions President, Principal of the school, a teacher, Lions Governor)IMG_5008


Farewell for Abuna Yohannes


IMG_4988 (1)Dublin Council of Churches: Sadly we had to say Farewell to Abuna Yohannes (middle) from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. His Patriarch sent him to Australia working in a parish there. His successor, Abuna Berhane, received a warm welcome. Ecumenism with real friendship is a gift.