Christmas time

It is a joy celebrating Christmas in St. Finian’s, Dublin: We do it in the traditional German way on Christmas Eve, 24th December. First service: with nativity play by the children which was beautiful, see picture. Second service: with a lot of music (this year: Pieces from Johann Kuhnau’s Cantata “Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen”), because that was what the angels did: singing. On 25th December the morning service is in English, with music as well (thanks be to Yvonne and Werner). The German tradition has a second Christmas Day on 26th December, In Dublin we celebrate a “forest Christmas” on that day, with a walk and hymns and hot chocolate and a camp fire.


I have to reveal, that the second part of “my” Christmas takes place in Germany: Since my childhood I’m attending a Christmas music week from 27th to 31st December on the old castle Hohensolms in Germany. A short week indeed, but full with choir music and fellowship and Christmas joy. This was my second year as part of the leadership team. Pic shows the knight’s hall of this beautiful castle.

IMG_5889 (1)



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