Working online

Last Sunday: First ever online Church Coffee after the service. We used Zoom. 9 people attended, and it was lovely catching up with each other. Touching new reality: Members from other places in Ireland – in this case from Newry, Northern Ireland – are able to join the “Coffee hour” as well!

Yesterday, 20th April: Two Zoom – Conferences:

Meeting of the German Pastors working in Western European Countries. Touching Storys, great time to sustain each other. Sharing ideas and technical support. Prayers and blessings, and a farewell to a Family which is going back to Germany until summer. Some new experiences will last after Covid-19, for instance the possibility reaching church members in remote areas of a country. Maybe a monthly online service? But in the same way questions are arising: For whom are we working? For the highest number of clicks, for everybody, for “our” parishes and churches? Interesting!

Church Council meeting of my Church: worked well, see picture!


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